Daviel Shy
I connect readers, viewers and listeners with those whose lives do not conform to the violence of history, language and the accepted canon. According to these structures, women, gender non-conforming persons, queers, and people of color are not supposed to exist. Therefore we must engage in constant internal editing of the lies we know ourselves through to find the thin thread of self. We must listen for an opening in these texts, a crack. This is my practice, called reclamation through fiction.

My work reveals the power of living in defiance of these dominant structures. I use history, language, and the accepted canon as raw material, without reverence, to pervert at will. In poetry this means bending grammar. I research and read extensively to uncover the words of those who have been nearly erased. Having written, these deviants show themselves to have existed and the lie that is history quivers. The crack widens. In reading my mouth moves and like taking in air or food, this is for survival. I am reading myself into being.

Daviel Shy is a writer, performer and filmmaker based in Chicago, IL.