Daviel Shy
"If you walk across my camera
I will flash the world your story
I will pay you more than money
Ingrid Bergman." -Woody Guthrie

My practice is based in historical research and reclamation through fiction. I utilize old technologies to resuscitate materials I do not believe are dead. The same goes for the historical and personal revivals throughout my work.
Systematized omission of women, gender non-conforming persons, queers, and people of color is rampant in the arts, literature, and other fields of cultural production. I make films as a response to this erasure, and an expression of the hunger I feel for these buried voices.
My films are love songs to and of women that have spoken before me, created amidst those whom I wish to speak in accord with today. I approach historical subjects as an arena for experimentation, irreverently and willfully polluting the accepted canon. Simultaneously, I revive and revise in order to craft a new a lesbian syntax for my own time.

Daviel Shy is a writer, performer and filmmaker based in Chicago, IL.