Daviel Shy has written and directed moving image projects including short films, a feature now streaming on, a seven episode series, and music videos that have screened worldwide.

Daviel's writing spans screenplays, poetry, essays, and fiction. She taught writing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and wrote for the LA beat from 2019-2020.


Daviel Shy has performed in various film, art, kink, and hybrid projects that delve into themes of identity, erotics, genderplay, and whimsy.


Daviel works for hire as a designer including set design, costume design, production design and more.

Visual Art

Daviel's storytelling began with drawing comics and graphic novels. Her training in drawing, painting and art history continues to inform her practice.


Daviel's upcoming projects include a political biopic about butch activist and publisher Jeanne Córdova, a mixed-media stage performance, a script about a forgotten order of nuns, a show about a queer rugby team in the Midwest, and a debut novel excerpted in SLUTS anthology, edited by Michelle Tea.

Daviel Shy's Portfolio