Full Service Production

If you need a team that will take care of every step of the process, from concept to release, DAViELSHYFiLMs can ensure your vision is brought to life. From pitching concepts, to selecting the right team members with the skills and expertise needed for your project, I create detailed production documents, and have a track record of smooth and efficient shoots that remain on time and on budget. I cover casting communications and outreach, execution of the idea, and oversee the final product delivery. With full-service production, you can trust that every aspect of your project will be handled with passion and attention to detail.

Small Gage Cinema

DAViELSHYFiLMs offers specialized services to make your project visually appealing. With a focus on utilizing super 8 and 16mm analog film, as well as mixed format strategies, we ensure that your project stands out aesthetically. Whether you are looking to create a vintage look or add a unique artistic touch to your project, Daviel and her team of cinematographers have decades of experience in working with film as-capture. Entrust your project to us, and let our love for small gage cinema elevate your visuals to new heights.

Storytelling Support

As an author, Daviel knows that sometimes the hardest part of writing is doing it alone. Through one on one sessions with clients who are writing books, adaptations, or assignments, Daviel provides a cure for writer's block, creative solutions, and personalized support for getting through each phase of writing.

As a screenwriter and visual storyteller, Daviel offers script coverage, copyediting, and pitch proofing, among her many storytelling support services. Whether through storyboarding, directing actors, or choosing lenses, she brings an understanding of the importance of strong storytelling to every aspect of film and communication projects.

unique moving image and creative services for narrative, music video, and commercial projects

Stills from "River See" for client Sharon Bridgeforth, 2014

Unparalleled Design

With years of experience in the arts and the art department, Daviel's design eye is attuned to detail and she delivers the highest quality work at any level of the process. Whether it is hand-painting costumes, finding the perfect props and details for your set, or conceiving of the entire look of the project, expect exceptional results.

Creative Consultation

As a writer, director, performer, and producer of large-scale independent international projects, Daviel's expertise is in building incredible teams and making a lot happen with very little. She is available to help you problem solve your project from creation to completion.

Collaborative Services

Daviel's versatility and sense of adventure make working with DAViELSHYFiLMs a tailored experience every time. We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure their vision is realized in the final product.